07 August 2009

Great Reads. :)

On Thursday, I was delighted to learn on that someone out there likes me. Or, at least, my blog.

The magnificent Matthew Coniam over at...well, Carfax Abbey, Movietone News, The Dennis Wheatley Project, and The Marx Brothers Council of Britain...has declared this blog a great read. (And you all thought it was just okay-- what privileged people you are. ;)

So here we are-- time for me to pass this grand thing on.

I love every blog I follow (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't follow 'em...). Really, though, you're all great reads-- give yourselves pats on the back. Or just one, depending on the time and intensity of the pat. Anyway, I'm fairly certain some of you have gotten this award before and therefore wouldn't want to bore you with another. :)

On that note, I hereby proclaim the following to be great reads...

Or Maybe Eisenstein Should Just Relax, Meredith's fabulous and always entertaining blog.
1) Because she likes Arrested Development.
2) Ditto for The Big Valley.
3) Because her blog always makes me laugh, in the best way.
4) Because I can.

Living on Velvet, Elsie's blog about...oh, just about everything film related until 1950 or so. It's odd-- I don't always agree with Elsie's take on things, but always find her writing and opinions fascinating. Plus, she digs Janet Gaynor. :)

Flickers, an ever-interesting movie blog by Doug. Reading this blog, I'm constantly learning about movies I'd otherwise not have discovered, mostly those from around 1970 to 1995. I tend to be a little backwards when it comes to modern cinema, but Doug's blog reminds me that there is good stuff out there, if one is willing to look.

A Noodle in a Haystack, Amanda Cooper's blog focusing on movies, music, and dancing. When I go to read Amanda Cooper's blog, I know I'll always be amused and interested in her take on everyone from Vera Ellen to Dean Martin. Definitely recommended.

Also, a very happy birthday to Lucille Ball, Ella Raines (August 6), and Billie Burke (August 7) :)

Really, though, I do mean it when I say you all deserve it. I've learned a ton already about film (and other miscellaneous topics) just by reading the blogs out there.

I've re-discovered my love of film noir by reading Ginger Ingenue's blog, kept track of which Ginger movies are still out there through Beth and Lauren (not to mention had grand Ginger discussions with numerous people out there), and developed a wee obsession with Ingrid Bergman and James Dean by way of Millie's marvelous blog (which I'd totally give one of these to, but judging by the awesomeness of it-- she probably has one already, haha).

In addition to that, I've learned what a gal in the navy would do to curl her hair, that Jennifer Jones is much less cool than what she'd have you believe, and that James Cagney's use of a grapefruit in Public Enemy remains unsurpassed.

I've found out about Lona Andre's and Anna May Wong's careers, read about pre-code horror flicks, modern rom-coms, Harold Lloyd, and smoking in the movies, and have seen ingenious Chicago architecture and terrific artwork of Clara Bow. Really, who could ask for anything more? And, haha, did I forget anybody?

I'd give to every one of ya if I could. Group hug? ;)


Meredith said...

d'aww thank you! i'm glad you enjoy my blog. :)

and yes, arrested development is absolute genius.

i love award posts because i always find some great new blogs to read from them, so muchas gracias!

Meredith said...

also, the rest of the big valley needs to be released on dvd this instant. i'm getting terribly impatient.

Juliette. said...

Haha, anytime.

Darn right. I came across what appeared to be a boxed set of the complete series, but it was in black and white, which made absolutely no sense... so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a real release.

Christopher said...

I love it over here..Its like a big comfy lounge,full o good vibes..cheers!..shhhhkol!
Big Valley?..I was addicted to that show years ago..anything to see NICK!barkley get mad and say.."Weeell thats all!!"

Juliette. said...

Swell, I'm glad you like it so much. :)

Hahaha, yeah? I've only recently become a Big Valley addict. Actually, I think it's getting on my family's nerves-- I keep using Big Valley slang. ;)

Millie said...

Thanks for the mention!

I think your blog really is a great read!

Christopher said...

THe Big Valley was a decent drama series with some nice nothern california atmosphere..Check out Barbara Stanwyck in the early 80s series the Thornbirds,if you haven't already, something about it always reminded me of the Big Valley..THeres a movie version of BV in the works!

Juliette. said...

Millie-- Anytime. I meant it. :)

And thanks!

Christopher-- Yeah! I asked my mom a while back if she'd liked Barbara Stanwyck as a kid and she said "Sure. I think we actually have something with her in it here..." And it was The Thornbirds-- which she'd taped on a VCR! It was a pretty cool discovery. :)

A Big Valley movie? Hm...I dunno how I feel about that, haha.

Matthew Coniam said...

Is it too late to change my mind?

Awwww, I'm only kidding. Actually I thought of another good reason why you deserve it that I forgot about: you dig Bogdanovich movies. So many people seem to hate the guy. I even love What's Up Doc?; I even think you-know-who (or what) is really good in it. Have you seen Targets or The Cat's Meow?

Elsie said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning me! I find it endearing that one doesn't always have to agree with everything someone says, but just the mere fact you share a similar interest (in this case, old movies in general!) brings you together. :)

Lolita said...

Group hug! That blog award was for once a really nice designed one, I must say. I take credit for the Anna May Wong reference! ;)

Artman2112 said...

no doubt about it your blog is swell ;)

ty for mentioning the Clara Bow art, glad you enjoyed seeing it!

i'm with Elsie, i would be bored stiff if everyone just agreed all the time, and the blogs are a great way to find people with shared interests and similar and/or differing viewpoints on things. so far i've had only one negative experience on a blog (an exceedingly snooty and ill-mannered art "clique") but the rest have been great!

Christopher said...

gotta agree with Matthew again..Bogdonovitch's- Targets,is the one I watch more than the rest..Grim,but a nice slice of 1967 los angeles

Juliette. said...

Matthew-- Haha, you wouldn't dare.

I do dig Bogdanovish movies. Oh yeah, you mean Barbra was good it it? Kind of makes one (namely you) want to rethink Barbra as a performer, eh? ;)

I've not seen Targets, but adored The Cats Meow. Have you seen At Long Last Love? I've heard terible things, but still think I'd like it...

Elsie-- No problem. :)

I quite agree.

Lolita-- Yay, group hugs are my favories. ;)

Yes indeed. That one's all you.

Artman (that can't be your reall name, haha)-- Why thanks!

I very much enjoyed seeing it, and your other pieces.

Sorry about that one bad experience...sounds like no fun at all. But I agree-- different opinions are terrif, because they encourage us to reconsider certain things and reshape out views.

Christopher-- Interesting, I'll hafta look for it. :)

Matthew Coniam said...

At Long Last Love - same as you: never seen it, have heard only the very worst things about it, bet I'll love it. Shall we try to track it down???

Christopher said...

I'm being attacked by the Johnny Johnny Johnny lady again..

Juliette. said...

Matthew-- Yes, definitely. I have a feeling someone on ioffer's got it. :)

Christopher-- Oh no! Don't let her scare you away. Her bark, er...growl is worse than her bite. ;)