22 August 2010

Self-Isolation. I hope.

Today, my lovelies, is move-in day at my college.

Thankfully, I've been here for a week to help with International Orientation, so I'm free to sit in my room all day and watch as my fellow students cart their luggage to their respective rooms. The suckers. ;)

I'm off today, and have planned a delightful Netflix marathon for myself, consisting of--

  • Cool Hand Luke ('cause I missed it yesterday)*
  • After the Thin Man, which happens to be the only one I've not yet seen, and made twice as nice by the fact that it doesn't have the woefully obtrusive Nick, Jr., who always reminded me --and not in a good way-- of the kid from The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  • Elevator to the Gallows, my first venture into Jeanne Moreau land.
Might watch another, if time allows. I'm thinking Klute, Father Goose, Sleuth, or whatever else catches my eye. There are just too many options on Netflix, and in some ways, availability breeds disinterest. For me, at least. I know it's there, so there's no real rush or urgency to see it. Does that make sense? No, probably not. I'm just being lazy.

Also, was looking for some recommendations-- I know a lot about melodramas, but haven't actually seen too many. I'm talking the Douglas Sirk variety, or for later years Tennessee Williams adaptations. I always convince myself they're not my cup of tea, but when I do watch them, I enjoy them 'same as anyone else. So let's hear 'em-- what are your favorites?

*doubly unfortunate, as it was presented on TCM by my manlove, Alec Baldwin