16 November 2009

New Leaves, Dead Leaves, Green Leaves, Red Leaves...

Guess who's back! That's right, kids-- it's me. Your sometimes-faithful friend Juliette. 'Member me? Well I'm back, ready to start fresh. If you'll have me, that is. :)

Anyway, first things first...I feel it's my duty as a blogger to dispel any false accusations surrounding a Mrs. Barbra Brolin, aka Babs Streisand, the grooviest faux yeshiva boy around. So let's start with that, shall we?

1) Barbra has never killed a blind panda, with aid of a firearm or otherwise.
2) She has not to my knowledge owned a fake fire insurance company.
3) Though I cannot definitely state that Barbra lets her staff use the restroom for free, I can say that she doesn't charge them ten dollars per use.

As for the other claims, I can neither confirm nor deny their validity, as I'm still waiting for more conclusive results. That being said, I'd like to think Barbra does not grease the handrails at assisted living facilities.

Anyhoo, back to business.

I'm at college, as most of you know. No, the movie-watching hasn't gone any better as of late. But it's okay. I have (get this--) a month off for the Christmas holidays and have recently reactivated my Netflix account. In other words, I'm all set. I am so looking forward to just relaxing at home with Judy, Cary, and all the old gang. Golly, it'll be swell.

And for Christmas, no less! Does anyone have Christmas recommendations? I have Remember the Night, which I've been looking forward to for ages (it does have Stany, after all)-- really though, I'm up for anything new. New to me, that is. Not new as in contemporary. Let's keep it in the 1930-1965 range, hm?

As a parting gift, I leave you with my favorite secular Christmas tune....I know, I know, some fool's gone and spelled "marshmallow" incorrectly. But it wasn't me, I'll have you know. So just relax yourself and enjoy. Hugs and such until next time, which will be soon-- promise. :)

P.S. You'll never know how much willpower it took for me not to quote Eminem in the opening of this post. Like, no joke.

P.P.S. Would it be entirely too late to post Halloween pictures?


Artman2112 said...

well hey there! i sure do remember you!!
sure post halloween pics, it's all good! and if you quoted m&m's i wouldnt know it anyway so it wouldnt make much difference ;)

one of my fave xmas films is Christmas in Connecticut but you've probly already seen that one. if not, check it out. great cast, very funny, and babs is awesome as always!
(and let us not talk of the remake directed by Schwarzenegger, yaaaaahhhllll!) my other fave xmas thing is not a movie but the one and only Justice League animated series xmas episode called "Comfort and Joy". it's very touching and a lot of fun too.

nice to see you here, you better not be joking abut being more active here again!

Kate Gabrielle said...

ahh that's my favorite Christmas song! I have it on my Sinatra Christmas CD but I always wanted to see the performance - duh, I never looked on youtube!

Enjoy your holiday movie watching extravaganza!! Have you seen Christmas in Connecticut yet? Another Stany one that's mah-velous!

Juliette. said...

Paul-- Ooh, that's good to hear. Next post'll be sure to incorporate Halloween photos, then! :)

Kate-- Yay!-- It is a great song, isn't it? And I love the chummy vibe of this video.

Haven't seen Christmas in Connecticut, but it looks fab, so I'll add it to my queue.

Christopher said...

great video!..I love beeing able to cue up some of these Christmas performances from tv specials of yore..Its the season for Hope and Crosby and Sinatra and Dino and Red Skelton and a whole lot more..
I'll list all the films I love to watch during the holiday season..which I've already started,and you can check off the ones you think might be good..
1.A Christmas Carol(Scrooge)-Alister Sim version and the TV George C. Scott version
2.Miracle on 34th Street
3.Modern Times-Chaplin
4.City Lights-Chaplin
5.The Band Wagon
6.Meet Me in St. Louis
7.The Bishop's Wife
8.Its a Wonderful Life
9.A Tale of Two Cities
10.Holiday Inn
11.White Christmas
12.A Child Called Jesus-Italian tv movie
13.Ben Hur -1925
theres more..but maybe later =:op

Lauren said...

Oh good, you're back! Look here:

OH and it's not too late for Halloween pictures; I'm still waiting for my friend to post the ones she took.


Juliette. said...

Ooh, groovy! Thanks Lauren!-- how marvelous. :)

So I have to answer the questions now? That's be wonderful actually-- give me something to post.

Amanda Cooper said...

Hooray! Nice to see you (or your blog) again!

It's been forever since I've seen it, but Holiday Affair is one of my favorites. Of course, I haven't watched it in years, but I'm going to remedy that this Holiday season.

Amanda Cooper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juliette. said...

Amanda Cooper!-- Good to hear from you. :)

I'll be sure to check that one out, thanks!

Lauren said...

Yeah, answer the questions! :)


jwalker said...


...our long national nightmare is finally over! :-), about Babs... upon further research, the 'greasing the handrails' deal was actually perpetrated by Babs KOWSLOWSKI, of Piscataway, NJ... I had erroneously copied it from Wiki... you know how it tends to have 'questionable' sources...

Anyway, SO glad you are back! Hope your school work floats by like a 'marshmellow'...which, in regards to the clip, is really not that far off, since you can't get much more 'mellow' than Deano, baby...

JW (VKMfan)

Artman2112 said...

i agree with Amanda, holiday affair is a good little picture! Juliette i think you will LOVE Christman in Connecticut when you finally see it. not only is it a fine film but it shows just how broad Barbara Stanwyck's range was, she really could do it all!

Lolita said...

That was some weird rumors about Barbara Streisand! Probably anti semitic people who like to think that she owns fake insurance company to steal money from the Aryans, haha.

What a cute song, Marshmallow World! And I think it's not too late for Halloween pictures!

Meredith said...

yay!!! remember the night is a lovely little film, especially when (the actor in winnie the pooh his name escapes me) sings a quite lovely song. and christmas in connecticut of course if you haven't seen it.

i can't wait to have time for films over my rather short winter break. i miss them.

Juliette. said...

Meredith-- Sterling Hayden, by any chance? :)

Artman2112 said...

ummm, i think you mean Sterling Holloway not Sterling Hayden my dear :)

but it is kinda fun to interchange them... right now i cant help but imagine Sterling Holloway in that unmistakable Winnie the Pooh voice saying:

"Guitar...Johhny Guitar"


"Ever see a Commie drink water mandrake?"


Juliette. said...

Paulie-- Haha, yes yes...laugh at my expense. ;)

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