15 August 2009

Move Over, Mack Sennett.

Since it is summer (yes-- really!) and I'd love nothing more than to go for a swim, here are some summer appropriate pictures. Plus, like I said earlier, I'm in Colorado and probably nowhere near a computer. That's right kids-- this is not a live post. Hopefully in time you can forgive me for the deception. ;)

So, here goes...bathing beauties and whatnot.

Gene Tierney. Cool headband, huh?

Carole Lombard...I love that lamp.

No one you should know, really...just liked the heels with the suit.

Buster Keaton having a good time, despite appearances.

Alice Faye, who I've never been terribly fond of...I liked the hat, though. :)

Marie Prevost. One of Mack's original Bathing Beauties.

Doris Day.

Gal I don't know, Jackie Cooper, Judy, Mickey, June Preisser, gal I don't know #2, and LB Mayer.

Joan Crawford and her cousin, Betty Jean.

Well that was fun. You should all go for a swim. And while you do that-- think of me, out here in the wilderness, most likely about to fall down a mountain or something. Cheers.


Mykal said...

And the suprise winner is . . . Doris Day! Man, I have a crush now. - Mykal

Christopher said...

Quit playing Criminal Mastermind far and abroad with your mysterious schedualed Posts and Come back to the five and dime Jimmy Dead Jimmy Dean..
lol..Carol and her LAMP..your outside for Crissakes Carol!
The foto of Judy,Mickey and the gang ready to dive in is cute..overshadowed slightly by the drug pusher Louie B looming off to the side..

AbbyNormal said...

Aside from Madonna, I think our fashion today is lacking in the conical shape for breasts. It is all natural - no panty lines and no cones. The torpedoes certainly drew the eyes to, at least part, of the prize. :-)

Millie said...

Aww, I miss you Juliette!

Great post!


P.S. I think girl #2 is Virginia Weidler...

Anonymous said...

Wow Gene Tierney! What a knock out!
What great pictures!

Meredith said...

that picture of joan is so candid and awesome!

Elsie said...

Niiice! I try and collect as many bathing beauty images as I can- it is one of my favorite themes.

I'm always rather mesmerized by Alice Faye and her beautiful, low singing voice has a lot to do with it!

Lolita said...

Wow! A lot of unusual photos! Love the Lombard one and the Crawford :)

Matthew Coniam said...

I refuse to talk to a fake replicant Juliette... or I would, at least... if it wasn't for that picture of Carole Lombard... cor lummee. (The latter is a British expression meaning: one approves.)

Artman2112 said...

that pic of Keaton is hilarious, but i'd prefer to catch some rays with Carole and her lamp ;)

jwalker said...

...Miss Lombard gets my vote, extraneous illumination device and all...

...Hope you are having fun, Juliette! And please stay on the trails!

Matthew Coniam said...

Don't you think it's time you came back now? Surely you've seen enough snakes and sunsets???

Christopher said...

The Keaton picture gets funnier each time I see it..
"well I am..such as I am.."

Juliette. said...

Wow. All this and I've not even shown my face for days? Maybe I should go away more often. ;)

Mykal-- Yay! Glad you have a Doris crush now. Lets me feel like a sort of matchmaker.

Christopher-- Bwahaha. Scheduled posts are lovely, aren't they? I think this may be a new way of business for me.

That Keaton picture makes me grin as well.

Abby-- I cannot express in words how much I agree. So basically I'll nod a lot.

Millie-- Back at ya. :)

Ooh, that makes sense...thanks for the positive ID!

Trixie-- I quite agree. She was a beauty.

Meredith-- I know, right? Love early Joan pictures.

Elsie-- Since I posted this, I've actually become quite smitten with Alice Faye. Especially in Alexander's Ragtime Band. You're right about the voice-- definitely unique.

Lolita-- Thanks! The Lombard one is probably my favorite.

Matthew-- Hah. Glad I could pull you in somehow. And thanks for the new phrase...and the translation. :)

I'm back, if you couldn't tell. And there were no snakes to be seen, sadly. Just sunsets.

Paul-- Oh the lamp! Marvelous, no?

JWalker-- Haha, mine too. And thank you, I came back all in one piece.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Why don't women look like this any more :(

Juliette. said...

Kid-- I think you and Abby ought to start a women's swimsuit line or something. ;)

Miguel said...

"gal I don't know #2"... Virginia Weidler?


VP81955 said...

You can find many, many more images of Lombard -- in everything from swimsuits to furs -- at my blog, "Carole & Co.":