21 July 2009


So, today I am tired, and therefore this blog post will take neither time nor effort. Cool, huh?

Ginger plays the accordion. Who knew? ;)

Veronica Lake at her home in Baltimore. Ah, fooled ya. It's a publicity shot from I Married a Witch, which was the first movie with Miss Lake I had the pleasure of seeing.

Hat of the Day.
This one, worn by the generally chic Leslie Caron.

Random picture. Yes, that's me. With a knife. Don't worry, kids, I'm harmless. Unless you resemble bread.

Psst...I used'ta confuse Kay Francis with Kay Medford, aka the mom in Funny Girl. Oops?


Christopher said...

Oh Ginger put that down!you don't know how to play that!..or maybe she does..hee hee
Is that a bag-o-dvds you're protecting with that knife?

Matthew Coniam said...

I used to confuse Kay Francis with Kay Johnson, of Madam Satan fame. Must just be something about the name Kay.
And actually, I do resemble bread.

Juliette. said...

Haha, that's true-- maybe she does. I shouldn't underestimate Ginger's abilities. :)

Hm...I don't recall DVDs that night, but it looks like it.

Must be. One of 'em shoulda changed her name to make it easier on us. ;)

Oh no! Watch out for that knife, then.

Anonymous said...

These are some awesome photos! I love Ginger Rogers.

Juliette. said...

Me too! (If you couldn't tell. ;)