11 July 2009

My Man Hitch

Earlier this evening my parents, sister, brother-in-law, friend and I attended a show at the Mystery Cafe. It was "South by Southeast," and (as you can probably guess) it blended the highlights of Hitchcock into one production. It was pretty dandy, and it inspired me to create this list of my 5 favorite Hitchcock movies. So, drum roll please and let's begin.

5) Notorious. Terrifically engrossing thriller with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. This accomplishes what Hitchcock's Suspicion did not. Cary's character is more fully developed than the earlier film, which was wonderful. It's lovely in black and white, and seems a more serious movie than ma y of his others, if that makes sense.

4) Rear Window. Yeah, okay, really this ties for third, but there's no mercy in blogs. Or so I'm told. Anyhoo, this one's grand. A really cool, somewhat claustrophobic movie, you know? Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart do wonderfully, and Thelma Ritter (she was in everything!) is great as the caretaker. My only problem was that the climax didn't last too long, but it was nevertheless grand.

3) Frenzy. One of his most graphic movies made a bit after Psycho, Frenzy would be Hitchcock's second-to-last movie. I actually prefer it to Psycho, probably because the ending of this one wasn't ruined for me. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. ;)

2) Dial M for Murder. My favorite ever Grace Kelly film. The color is lovely, and the atmosphere is heavy. After just having seen The Major and the Minor, I was definitely not expecting Ray Milland's character to be so....well, you know, nasty and all. Pretty great viewing.

1) The Lady Vanishes. Ah, it's marvelous. It's much (much!) lighter than his later movies, but this one's my favorite by far. It's the movie that made me a fan of both Michael Redgrave and Margaret Lockwood. The ending is a bit silly today, but I still adore it.


Lauren said...

I saw your posts on Beth's blog and I just wanted to say great blog! The Lady Vanishes is a great movie.


Ginger Ingenue said...

I love NOTORIOUS! :)

Never seen THE LADY VANISHES, but I think I may have it on DVD around here; and have always wanted to see it.

Not sure I've even heard of FRENZY!

But wait, you said it's 'graphic'...??

Could that be the one Audrey Hepburn was suppose to do, but then she changed her mind, because it would involve doing a rape scene??


If I weren't feeling so lazy, I'd go look it up. :)


What, no VERTIGO? ;)

Ginger Ingenue said...

Just checked my bookshelf: I do have it on DVD! :)

Juliette. said...

Cool! You should definitely watch it sometime. It's not a huge mystery or anything...but I like it a lot, if only for the exchanges between the two leads.

Eh, graphic probably wasn't the best word, but my feeble mind failed to think of anything better-suited. Graphic in the sense that it was one of his later movies, so he could get away with showing more, like with Psycho. Those both are rated R, for instance.

Ooh, interesting. I'd not heard about Audrey involved with Frenzy, but it does have a rape scene, so you're probably right.

Haha, nope, no Vertigo. I don't think it'd even be in my top 20 Hitchcock. I know it's garnered a lot of praise recently, but sometimes I can't help but think the original critics were correct. ;)

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