09 July 2009

Should they ever remake it...

Joe Biden reminds me of Florenz Ziegfeld... a lot.

Joe Biden. Obviously.

It's the eyebrows, I think. Actually, I guess he reminds me of Walter Pidgeon playing Florenz Ziegfeld in Funny Girl, or just an older Walter in general. Oh Walter, you were so darn attractive in Listen Darling...what happened? Not that you were hideously unattractive in your later roles or anything, but still...there is quite the gap between breathtakingly handsome and average, you know?

Walter before and after. No kidding though...the resemblance to Biden is slightly uncanny, yeah?

Not sure exactly what to write about, if you've not gotten that quite clearly for yourself. Oh, guess whose art I adore. Modigliani's. It's his way of doing noses. Perfection.

Of course, I probably say that because my noses (no, I don't have multiple-- I've drawn multiple) resemble his a bit. But then I suppose a little self-flattery never hurt anyone. Except Narcissus, who I guess it killed. Or did he die in that story? Hm.

Psst. Wanna know a secret? I've discovered that calling someone else pretentious instantly makes one pretentious. At least, that's my opinion on the topic. And another thing-- if one admits that he or she is a hypocrite, does that make one less of a hypocrite? Kinda like that
barber paradox.

Once I wrote a letter to Tracey Gold. I didn't send it or anything...just for fun, to waste space. This time, I think I'll write one to the most infamous member of my karass-- everyone's favorite Long Island lolita, Amy Fisher.
Dear Amy Fisher,

What's up? Not too much here, I'm afraid. I understand you're a reporter now, huh? That must be could have a really witty name for your column I bet. Or not. I bet you play it safe now, huh? Like our buddy Tracey you were on Oprah. Anyhow, just saying hello. Well, hello.

Sincerely, Me

Hmmm...I hope people don't take me seriously.