13 July 2009

X of the Day

Today I finally convinced (guilted, convinced-- same difference) my sister to watch The Scar with me. It was my birthday, so that helped I suppose. She liked it, which isn't much of a surprise, because it's great. I'm not sure why she was so apprehensive, as I've never led her astray (this month we've seen Stage Door, Marked Woman, Meet John Doe, and I Married a Witch together and she's not been disappointed yet).

Anyway, if I had to make a list --I don't, mind you, so I won't bore you with that-- The Scar would be one of my top ten movies of film noir. Fun stuff, huh?

I'm in a picture-posting mood, so today there's to be a person, hat, and photo of the day, you lucky kids, you.

Let's start with photo, shall we?

Ginger Rogers showing her Nixon support in 1960.

Nifty, huh? I especially like the boy's face in the backseat.

Yeah, yeah,'s not really a hat. So sue me. Peanuts aren't really nuts. ;)
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the person of the day.

Her name is Tallulah.

When I was younger, I always knew Tallulah Bankhead was famous, I just never knew what for. Was she a singer, actress, dancer? I'd no idea. Some time ago I decided to remedy this situation. I googled her.

The answer quickly came, but not in terms I could understand. It said online that Tallulah was a "bon vivant." I knew this meant, of course, a person of rather epicurean ideals. Howeveer, I did not understand why this would make someone famous. So I did more research. I discovered she was an actress, and a rather good one at that. She was also in the Algonquin Round Table with my hero, Dot Parker and the also-cool Edna Ferber.

It's odd-- I've looked everywhere for a quote (and there are plenty around), but I wouldn't dare print most of them, and if I'd "clean them up," so to speak...they wouldn't quite be sentences anymore. Finally, I came across this one, which seems to capture some of Tallulah's spirit.

“The only thing I regret about my past is the length of it. If I had to live my life again I'd make all the same mistakes - only sooner.”


jwalker said...


Hope you catch this - I know it's an older post, but had a few things to 'react' to on this post!

First, the Ginger pic is interesting... I am about as apolitical as you can get; in general, the old saying, "no such thing as a young republican or an old democrat" probably holds true - So as a middle-aged guy, where does that leave me? Middle of the road. Politics just isn't my bag - but if someone is interested enough to put forth effort to support someone, ya gotta give them credit, no matter which side they pick... and every president has good and bad, obviously ...but Nixon just had more...bad, it seems.

AND, as for Ms. Bankhead... she is from my home base, Alabama, of all places... her dad, or granddad, was guv'nor here, and evidently was a pretty well-received one - we have TWO different 'Bankhead National Forests' and a 'Bankhead Highway', among other things...
As for Tallulah, what little I have seen of her, she was quite the 'vamp'! Kinda reminds me of Bette! I have always wanted to find out more about her, her movies, or even a biography would be of interest...

As a goofy side note, I also like hot sauce - there is one which is pretty popular now called 'Cholula', which rhymes with 'Tallulah'! So, when my wife goes to the store, I tell her to pick me up a bottle of 'Cholula Bankhead'... :-P

Well, that's it! Hope you get this... Jwalker

Juliette. said...

JWalker-- I caught it. ;)

I agree. Nixon was most definitely not my favorite president, but I find it sort of endearing that Ginger did political stuff like putting bumber stickers on other folks' cars.

Definitely agree about the Tallulah/Bette similarities, especially in that dress picture. Though Tallulah did kind of look different with each new decade. Hard for me to recognize her at times.

Hahahaha...that hot sauce name cracks me up, thanks for sharing!