18 July 2009

Musings, vol. II

You know, I think in the long run, writers are the only ones with any job security. Really...seems robots could do anything else. I mean, hopefully it never gets to that point, but still. Which stinks, because I could never write good fiction. It always feels as if I'm giving someone's secrets away. It seems the only true point of view is limited. But I mean limited. Knowing no one's thoughts at all. Because that's how it is in life, right? I don't know his thoughts-- or hers, or his. It would be my thoughts endless journal entry. And that's no fun for anyone.

Judy with a very large postcard. Yeah, that's my caption.

Yesterday I watched Ladies of Leisure for the first time. I liked it all, but the beginning was especially marvelous, like when Barbara Stanwyck pulls a fish face. I'm constantly making fish faces. Hopefully everyone knows what that means, because I'm nearly positive I couldn't do it justice by describing it here.

Stany in a dress. Oh boy, I really need to get more info on these pictures, huh?

I can hear William outside, probably getting ready to pounce on one of my cats. That's my neighbor's 7-year-old. Also the name of a kid I went to grade school with. Also my kindergarten teacher. Technically, that was her last name. I didn't much like her-- she took her hair off once on April Fool's Day. Also she was mean. Mainly to this kid named Brittany. I walked with Brittany at my kindergarten graduation. I tripped. The the end. I remember having to draw self-portraits with my class then, and mine being the only one with skin-colored skin. All the others' were green or blue or something. I thought that showed a terrible lack of realism in them...probably just meant I had no taste for the abstract at age six.

Jeanette MacDonald, Sally Blane and Joyce Compton in Annabel's Affairs. Can you say "pre-Code"? ;)

...But I must have liked it, for I drew a yellow train, which --according to Hattie the gal who sat next to me-- don't exist. Must be something in the name Hattie, for she was quite like Mrs. Dorsett, I suppose..."Chickens...aren't...purple...stupid." Of course, Mrs. Dorsett was right, albeit a tad cruel in her way of showing it. A purple chicken is perfectly absurd, but then again the kid was like four...

Doris Day rehearsing a number in I'll See You in My Dreams. The blackface was part of the number, not a personal preference. Pretty sure.

PS. I'm pretty sure the makers of The Simpsons based Nelson's laugh on Ginger Rogers'. You know..."HAa-ha." Who's with me? ;)

Good thing they don't still print neat pictures like this on cigarettes, or I'd be an addict.


Anonymous said...

great post ..there could be something in that laugh

Juliette. said...

Haha, good to hear. :)

Christopher said...

Barbara can pull a FISH FACE??..BABS? like William should be in a Hitchcock movie.."The Trouble with William"..poor young master Willy!..Oh WILLIAM!..WIIIILIAM!..Mumy has made you a nice cup o Char..come drink..heh heh heh..

Juliette. said...

Yes! A wonderful fish face...quite a sight to behold. :)

Haha, that he should. He'd be perfect for it.

Matthew Coniam said...

You mean she shaved her hair off or she wore a wig and took it off?

Matthew Coniam said...

Or she somehow managed to do an impersonation of her own hair?

Juliette. said...

Haha, took me the longest time to figure out what you were talking about. I assume you mean the teacher, yeah? In which case-- it was quite odd. Evidently as a little girl, her mom had cut her hair and saved it. Which is not so normal, I suppose...but normal compared to what she did with it. My teacher had (I guess) fashioned the cut-off hair into a sort of ponytail and had pinned it to her real hair. Then, on April Fool's day, she took off that bit and pretended her hair had fallen out. It was....peculiar.

Matthew Coniam said...

That was going to be my fourth guess.
She took a hank of her hair that she had kept somewhere since childhood, fashioned it into a ponytail, reattached it to her head and then pretended her hair had fallen out.
I knew there'd be some simple explanation.

Juliette. said...

Hahaha, simple maybe. Normal? Hm, probably not.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Very well-done! :)