08 July 2009

New Find

So, last week I discovered Barbara Stanwyck. No kidding.

First I should probably mention that I've been slightly nocturnal lately, going to bed at around 5:30am and waking at, oh, 12:30 generally. Anyway, to fill the wee hours of the night I've been going through my DVD collection and picking out random movies that I've not yet seen. (Also, documentaries...they're fabulous!) Anyway...

I'd owned The Lady Eve and Double Indemnity for a while, as well as some less famous movies of hers, but had never seen any of them. So I decided to finally watch them. Brother, am I glad I did. The Lady Eve really is all they say it is...I don't know if I'd describe it as the funniest movie in the world (edit: I would not, haha), but it has a certain indescribable charm about it.

Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Sturges, and Henry Fonda on the set of The Lady Eve.
As far as Double Indemnity is concerned-- Barbara as Phyllis Dietrichson is a revelation. And that's coming from a gal who usually laughs at people who say junk like that.
Missy and the Nutty Professor, aka Fred MacMurray

After I'd finished those, I watched The Other Love, The Gay Sisters, Breakfast for Two, Great Balls of Fire, and Strange Love of Martha Ivers. Now I guess I'm a fan. She and Bette Davis are my top two. Oh, alright. And three then. ;)